Are You Thinking About Changing How You Live?

Home Sharing?


Cooperative Householding?


If you're considering shared housing options, here's our advice: take it one step at a time. It is essential to create a living arrangement that is right for you. New ventures are intriguing and exciting, but can seem overwhelming at the start. How to travel from here to there--imagination to reality?

We made the leap from three individual homes to a cooperative household quickly, but with careful planning to protect our individual interests and to lay the groundwork for success. We've captured the steps that we took in our "Change Seekers" model. We use this process in our workshops to help people discover their own best choice, whether to make a dramatic change in their housing situation or to change nothing

Change Seekers Steps

1. Imagine

    Where and how do I want to live?

2. Explore
    What are my options?

3. Connect
    How do I find the right people?

4. Commit
    How do we make wise plans?

5. Create
    How do we get off to a great start?

6. Sustain
    How do we make this last?